Far-sighted managers look into the advantages AI has for the future and adapt themselves accordingly. AI will help advance careers and produce faster business results, enabling good managers to become great at what they do. Given the enormous advantages AI has over human beings, it is often sought to perform tasks earlier done by a human with great precision and excellent results, irrespective of the size and type of the data.

AI can compress numbers, detect patterns, and make fast decisions driven by data with a precision that a human may not do. Given the ability to process large data sets and provide directions of trends and advice that can be acted upon, AI can be a vital tool for any manager dealing with quantitative data to make decisions. The efficiency of computers is so good that it is estimated to replace 40% of the human fund managers in the financial industry with robo-advisers.

Any good manager should try to upgrade his skills to take advantage of AI and its ability to deal with vast data sets. Given that AI can handle data sets and provide answers with precision without fail, managers can spend more time and skills on decision-making. Therefore, learning AI helps any manager improve their career options and their organization’s value.



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